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The First installer certified use Restec's BBA
approved Flexitec Platinum system!

FLEXITEC 2020 Trained installer
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Restec Flexitec 2020

Restec Flat roofing solution for flat roof
Restec Flexitec
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Flexitec 2020 is a flexible, single resin GRP system that has revolutionised the liquid roofing industry with full overlay and new deck capabilities. Combining the best elements of fibreglass with the versatility of overlay systems, no other flat roof system performs at this level across so many applications.

Unlike traditional fibreglass systems, Flexitec 2020 isn’t just limited to timber deck. The system can also be used to coat existing surfaces such as felt, concrete, asphalt, single-ply plus many more. This means that old roofs can often be retained and over-coated, without the need for stripping. No matter the size, shape or complexity, Flexitec 2020 provides a seamless, tough and flexible membrane for any roof or balcony area.

Flexitec 2020 Features

Highly versatile and capable of coating virtually all common surfaces.

Only 30-60 mins cure time per coat - genuinely rapid installations.

BROOF(t4) Fire Rating for unrestricted use.

20 Year Materials Guarantee accessible to trained installers.

Restec Flexitec Platinum

Flexitec Platinum is a BBA Approved multi-surface GRP roofing system, that offers advanced liquid technologies exclusively available to trained Platinum Installers. Much like the standard Flexitec 2020, the Platinum system can be used with full overlay and new deck capabilities. BBA Certified (Certificate No 20 /5833) flexible GRP system, featuring a minimum 25 Year Durability Rating and backed by Restec’s Technical Support team. Flexitec Platinum offers an Enhanced Platinum Guarantee tailored to meet the needs of the client including surveys and specifications as required.

Flexitec Platinum, BBA Approved liquid roofing system

Flexitec Platinum Features

BBA approved liquid applied system.

Supported by Restec’s trusted Platinum System guarantee.

Certified to resist root penetration, when used for “Green Roof” applications.

Minimum 25 Year lifespan.

Installing Flexitec

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